Roman Amphitheater and Theater

June 11, 2009

Date: 15 BC

Location: Merida, Spain

These two theaters were built by the Romans and are among some of the best preserved Roman ruins in the area.  The amphitheater is still used today for performances.  I first visited the theater which would more likely called a stadium today.

Roman Theater

Roman Theater

The entry is very similar to the main hall of the National Museum of Roman Art.

Entry to Roman Theater

Entry to Roman Theater

The amphitheater is better preserved and looks more like a modern theater.

Roman Amphiteater

Roman Amphitheater

The seating is accesed through a series of tunnels that are built into the supports for the amphitheater.  It is amazing how the Romans came up with things that would take us many years to figure out again.

Roman Amphitheater Entry

Roman Amphitheater Entry


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