Fair food!

June 13 & 14, 2009

Usually we would try to do different meals every night but what we found in Porto was so great that we needed to go a second time for dinner.  Just down the street from our hostel was a small fair that had just a few booths.  The first night I had some sort of steak sandwich which was really good but what really looked awesome is what other people ordered.  They had a sandwich which starts with a fried piece of chicken covered with ham and melted cheese.  That was then topped with a bunch of stuff including these potato stick like things.  Finally they used these udder-like things to put the condiments on.  The next night when we went back I got one and it was one of the best meals of the trip.

The meal was not over with the great sandwich we then got churros. The first night we go the simple plain churro with powdered sugar.  This was really good but the churro I got the second night was even better.  That churro was coated in chocolate and then filled with white chocolate.

After eating the second night we went and walked around the 5 booths they had there.  After walking around we ended up going down a ramp to skip rocks into the river.  This was one of the best series of nights.

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