Welcome to Spain

May 29, 2009

We arrived in Madrid late at night from our Ryanair flight.  This was my first experience with a super-low cost carrier (they make Southwest look fancy).  The plane itself was nice but was very bare bones with simple plastic backed seats that had no pockets to select you own seating.  Unlike other airlines you received nothing without paying including any sort of snack.

After arriving we headed to the hostel and spent a short while walking around the area near the hostel before heading to bed.  We were extremely lucky because the hostel was located right next to the Plaza Tirso De Molina.  The hostel, Las Musas, is one of the top hostels on the trip with a large community room and a well equipped kitchen that we used many nights to cook.

The oddest thing about having arrived in Spain is that all of a sudden I was the person who couldn’t speak the language.  It makes a country seem much more foreign when even asking where the bathroom is becomes a difficulty.

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